Bangalore INDIA BIO  2015- crystal year celebration


Globally biotechnology in offering breakthrough products and technologies to combat diseases, reduce our environmental footprint, feed the masses, use sustainable and cleaner energy, and develop more efficient industrial processes.

The Crystal edition of Bangalore INDIA BIO will give us the opportunity to do some Crystal ball gazing and look into the rapidly evolving and changing future of Biotech and it' s impact in India with the aptly chosen focal theme "Crystalizing India' s Biotech Future".

The event seeks to bring together the Whos' s Who of the Biotech fraternity to sketch the landscape for each of the three areas Bio Pharma, Bio Agri and Bio Services, identify challenges and opportunities ¬ó from funding into basic research to regulatory and policy action ¬ó and draft a roadmap for the sectors growth.

The three days of Bangalore INDIA BIO will take you to the voyage of discovery providing you an opportunity to both foster collaborations and learn the latest biotechnological advances taking place in India and the international biotech communities participating in the event.

The Trade Show will serve as a market place for biotech companies and industry service providers to do business and close deals. Prescheduled Partnering Meetings will enable you to assess and connect with potential partners. The Conference will address latest researches, business models and strategies, alliances and partnering trends, product innovation and licensing and regulatory issues.

Therefore, whether you are a Small, Midsized or Large Company an Indian or Global leader, in today' s Biotech industry, YOU can you can Meet with the Best of Biotech in one place at one destination, Bangalore INDIA BIO 2015.



    Industry Updates

  • Dr. K. Vijay Raghavan
    Secretary, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology

    Entrepreneurs in Biotech space,Government and the academia need to work together and Bangalore India Bio hasa very invigoratin environment to see that happen.Bangalore India Bio has a very invigorating environment  to Bio has a very invigorating environment to see that happen."

  • Dr. Vijay Chandru
    Chairman & CEO, Strand Life Sciences

    Bangalore India Bio has been very fruitful opportunity for biologist and people dealing with different aspect of biology and representing their own organizations. It's a good platform to interact by conducting meetings and we are happy to be part of it.

  • Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
    Chairperson, Karnataka Vision Group on Biotechnology; Chairman & Managing Director, Biocon Limited

    Bangalore India Bio has grown in stature, we have seen a huge surge in number of delegates, numbers of country participation, the number of forums we have created within this conference, the partnering forums, ....

  • .... the poster sessions, both the exhibition and the conference have taken a new hue. It has evolved with times, it has become far more professional, far more serious We are using this as a platform for all stakeholders to really address some of the key challenges and issues that the Indian Biotech sector faces, the challenges in terms of International perception. I think it's making a huge difference to how the Indian Biotech sector is now being perceived.

  • Dr. P.M Murali
    President, ABLE; Managing Director, Evolva Biotech

    Bangalore India Bio has always made an impact. If you have successfully conducted an event for 13 years without losing people and getting more attendance from abroad then you don't need any certificate from anybody. It means that you've done well.

  • Mr. David Wetherell
    President and Chief Operating Officer, Burrill Healthcare Venture and Private Equity Funds, USA

    It's been a great experience at Bangalore India Bio. Clearly in India, you probably have the greatest concentration of human & intellectual capital in the world and lot of this is concentrated in Bangalore. This has come out very clearly in Bangalore INDIA BIO.

  • Mr. Anil Raghavan
    Managing Director, Quintiles India

    I think it's a great panel discussion, you have such disparate sectors but driven by a common aspiration, these numbers actually matter. I was very encouraged to see so many different sectors coming together, with so many common issues, in regulation, infrastructure building, so it was great.

  • Anthony
    Marketing Manager, Eppendorf India

    We are very glad to be here as an Exhibitor from 2003 in Bangalore INDIA BIO. It is a very good platform to launch products.

  • Pankaj Bansal

    We have been very closely associated with Bangalore India Bio. We have put all our product range here to showcase what we do. We are getting good visitor flow. The event has been successful and we will continue to participate in the event.



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